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Founded 2005, Vees thrives on our core corporate value – ‘Moments of Sharing’, the driving principle behind our practices at all our franchise stores throughout South East Asia.


Vees is positioned to provide state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and modern kitchen concepts to home users and business owners alike. We are proud to put together a trusted and well-known brand over the past years and became Malaysia’s first electric cook er enterprise chain license.


Vees has successfully developed a series of well-received and highly innovative products. The introduction of our ‘Delicooker’ range in 2010 marked the milestone for us to become the world’s first intelligent induction cooktop manufacturer.

Design & Innovation

Vees offer new trend of innovations and designs to revolutionize your kitchen in the modern era. While you might not be a professionally trained chef, our appliances will make you cook and enjoy every moment of it like one.

Vees No.1 Commercial Induction Cooker Malaysia

Speed of cooking

The high operational efficiency saves a lot of time to do other chores during and after cooking as it leaves one free to do other chores.

Temperature Control

Induction has better temperature control when compared to electric cooktop. It provide a range of temperatures with options to various cooking.

Power Control

There is something called power controllers within the induction which cycle the element on and off to keep the power steady and stable.

Less Wastage

Since the surface is made up of glass, it acts as a poor conductor of heat leaving the rest of the surface except the heating element area cool to touch.

Our Featured Products

Established since year 2005, we are now leading in this industry with various of kitchen induction cooking equipment. Profession in induction cooking technologies provided you a safer, hygiene, comfortable kitchen.

Shabu Shabu

Table built-in induction cooker with wired controller. Best recommend for steamboat restaurant.

Limited to 10 pax only.

Induction Cooker

Vees portable induction cooker is more popular because of its affordable cost and the flexibility it gives.

Limited to 10 pax only.

Induction Fryer

Vees number one commercial kitchen induction deep fryer series. First intelligent fryer in Malaysia.

Limited to 10 pax only.

Our Customers

Limited to 10 pax only.

Our Customers

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